The House of Artemisia - France

The House of Artemisia France is a foundation created by Doctor Lucile Cornet Vernet for the dissemination of artemisia, a plant that cures 97% of malaria.
As a part of our project, we would like to establish a House of Artemisia Mali in the area where we work in Mali.
A Malian from our team donated a field which is dedicated to the culture of artemisia.
In addition, as part of the renovation of the Siene health dispensary, which is our first project, we would like to develop the garden surrounding the health dispensary and also develop the culture of artemisia there.


IRE - Institute of the Rural Economy

Doctor Gamby, an entomologist by training, and his team of specialists at the IER have pledged their support to our project. They welcomed us to their demonstration center as part of their agricultural diversification program. They introduced us to their Artemisia cultures and the work they were doing on different plant species – edible plants and those with healing properties. Their know-how is a considerable asset in the implementation of our project.

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