Artemisia and Coronavirus

Since the recent announcement of chloroquine trials to treat the coronavirus by Professor Raoult, the Maison Artemisia and ourselves have received many questions about the effects of artemisia on the coronavirus.

Here is the statement of the Maison Artemisia France, Lucile Cornet-Vernet, on
the subject with an article and a video in support :

“After publishing a argument for medicinal plants in Nature un plaidoyer pour les plantes médicinales (link to article) that helped
fight Covid-19, Chinese doctors share their documented experience with American
experts at a conference (video under).
And in these plants there is… artemisia annua !”

Lucile Cornet-Vernet.

Chinese expert shares TCM prescriptions :

RWANDA towards the launch of clinical trials:

Today Artemisia annua is found in many countries and if its effect on the coronavirus proves to be conclusive, it will make it possible to best accompany a large-scale sanitary crisis where health care systems are the most precarious.

More information on the page dedicated to the Maison de l’Artemisia Mali in our health section:

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Exhibition Tombouctou Héritage

Through a beautiful installation in the agency Chasseurs d’influences by Nelly
Sitbon, of which she alone has the secret, you will find the portraits of the team
by photographer Frank G.Alonso from January 13 to February 21.

We invite you on January 31st at 7pm around an aperitif at the agency to
discover our public utility project for 2020.

Welcome !

Crowdfunding Tombouctou Héritage


The aim of this crowdfunding is to establish a herbal medicine center, to cure malaria populations with the artemisia plant. We need to carry out this project of €25,000 disagregated as explained in the diagram below.


Tombouctou Héritage is a project launched by Maguelone Gilbert-Vidal in 2016 and financed through the sale of her restaurant-café, L’Antre-Autre based in Lyon. A head office and a medicinal garden have already been built with the equity of the founder and various private donors who have mobilized to finance complementary facilities and the maintenance of existing equipment.

The project takes its name from the light city of Mali, destroyed by the jihadists in 2012 and still under serious threat, whereas it was a capital of medicine and humanities and social sciences.

It is a global project that places health at the heart of its action through the creation of an agroecological farm, the rehabilitation of a dispensary in the same area, with priority given to medicinal plants, including Artemisia and the establishment of a training space in relation to the actions that are carried out.


In January 2019, following Maguelone’s beautiful meeting with Lucile Cornet-Vernet, founder of The Maison Artemisia France, Timbuktu Heritage successfully launches into the culture of artemisia. In June 2019, a first harvest of 90kg was realized in an area of 16 villages serving about 24,000 inhabitants.

Considering the actual healings of the populations, a field of 900m2 is offered to us by the local dispensary to allow the construction of a plants-based medicine center adapted to the basic conditions of the project.

Production de la tisane d’artemisia :

Today we cannot produce artemisia herbal tea qualitatively and quantitatively without the buildings we are seeking funding for. It consists of two buildings with three rooms each including a technical building (allowing to do the drying, grinding, bagging operations…) and a reception room for the public (including the meeting room, the administrative building, the office reception). Toilets, a fence and a gate are also needed.

Répartition du budget :


Voici notre équipe en France et au Mali :
MAGUELONE GILBERT-VIDAL : With a varied background in the world of alternative business and associations, Maguelone founded Timbuktu Heritage by selling her restaurant based in Lyon.
KARINE DUFAUT : Actress and director, Karine has staged two plays in support of the project. She also manages the logistics dimension.
THIBAULT MUSA : Webmaster, Thibault creates ingenious communication tools and also intervenes on the logistics of organizing cultural events related to the project.
GUILLAUME MOITON :Video artist and director, Guillaume has created the various short films that present the project in Mali and France.
VÉRONIQUE BILLIOUD : Tombouctou Héritage graphic designer, Véronique defines the charter with Thibault and creates the various posters of the shows related to the project.
IBRAHIM KONE : Project manager in Mali, Ibrahim led the construction and development of the head office. He also set up the Artemisia Banco project with the various local stakeholders and trained the teams on site.
AMADOU KEITA : A technical assistant specializing in medicinal plants and handicrafts of all kinds, Amadou currently directs artemisia Banco training of trainers.
GAOUSSOU KONE: Artemisia support, living between France and Mali, Gaoussou is the link between the Malian team and the French team.
SOULEYMANE KONE : A technical assistant, accustomed to rural work, Souleymane is committed in the culture of Artemisia.
JEREMIE HERCBERG : Manager of the restaurant La Monstrueuse in Lyon, Jérémie supports the project by hosting the meetings and exhibitions of the project that highlight it.

A big thank you to Delphine Chauvin for the sketches she made specifically to illustrate our buildings and our technical work !


Today, after successfully leading part of the project, we need you to succeed in developing a professional sector and in accordance with the standards of the Maison Artemisia charter that guarantee a healthy and ecological production. Malaria is the third largest pandemic in the world and being able to provide a natural drug, accessible to all and without side effects is a real opportunity. It is also a strong symbol that another world is possible and within our reach.

Liens externes :

Tombouctou Héritage website :
Facebook :
Maison Artemisia website :
Facebook :
For any questions, we remain at your disposal :


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Meeting Tombouctou Héritage

Simultaneously the light legacy values of the city of Timbuktu and a health and agro-ecology project focused on the cultivation of artemisia in mali, Tombouctou Héritage is straight and open mind approach that fulfills in real action. It’s also a varied and active community, that which to share its philosophy during this social event : Meeting Tombouctou Héritage

A series of artistic events that will take place in the Student House of Métropole de Lyon between the november 29th and december 21st. On the programm, the cuban photographer Frank G. Alonso, who created for this event a series of black and white team portrait, and other highlights such as shows, artistics workshop and meeting.

The exhibition will start on November 29 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. with a beautiful opening night.

The exhibition will start on november 29th from 6pm to 10pm with a great opening night. The team will start the evening with a speech, follow by the « Time To Be » viewing of Maguelone Gilbert-Vidal, offered by U-MAN.

This video podcast is about Maguelone, Tombouctou Héritage founder, it is a testimony under the projet U-MAN, a humanitarian media proposed by Pierre-Alain Gourion. This former lawyer, broadcast producer today, will lead after a citizen time of sharing.

Photo exhibit hosting by the photographer Frank G. Alonso.

The opportunity to discover Frank’s work, which alternates blur and light to create a true cinematographic expression of photography. Beyond the aesthetic dimension of this line worked in black and white, it is the human dimension that the photographer wanted to highlight for this exhibition : the portraits of the Tombouctou Héritage members reveal themselves in their simple humanity to means that everyone possesses within themselves the power to change the things around them.

November, 30th from 9 :30 am to 12 :30pm, Karine Dufaut will host a theatre workshop.

This actress and director has conquered the Lyon companies and theatres, such as La Goutte at Croix Rousse, the Théâtre Debout collective and the Compagnie du Vers Sot in Villeurbanne, not to mention the shows she has created and directed, including two for Tombouctou Héritage. A professional, with a lively personality, who will propose a discovery of the theatre and its tools to integrate a character, a situation. Amateurs and seasoned actors are welcome !

A screening of Malaria Business movie is schedule the same day at 7:30 pm

In order to understand the health and power issues around artemisia, a plant that cures malaria. Having long ago eradicated the disease in China, it could do the same in Africa today. However, it is in the hot seat of the pharmaceutical companies, with which they are in direct competition. In his documentary, Bernard Crutzen highlights the remarkable work of researchers from all over the world who are fighting for the recognition and spread of artemisia in areas where malaria is still decimating populations.

Presentation of the Maison de l’Artemisia work. Disseminated in many countries but thanks to the will of its founder, Lucile Cornet-Vernet and all who accompany her, the Maisons de l’Artemisia concretely help to eradicate malaria through the cultivation of Artemisia but also by relying on scientific research that it supports and promotes.

December 3rd, 10th and 17th from 6 :30pm to 8 pm, choir workshop leading by the artist Buridane.

We no longer introduce the singer Buridane in Lyon. The chiselled poetry with which she handles the verb like a crystal sword and the scenic power she shows, also touched the audience at the Off festival in Avignon and the Francofolies de La Rochelle this summer. She gave us the joy of creating a song in French and Bambara, one of Mali’s native languages, in honour of Tombouctou Héritage : Ni ka li fa allah ma. It is on this song, which can be beautifully translated “I lend you to God“, that the three singing workshops will be based, for a restitution on December 18th during the closing evening. Registration is open to all here below.

Caution, for this workshop, you have to be present at the three rehearsals and the final performance.

December 13th at 8:00 pm, performance of the show Marcel and Marie.

Pierre, architect, is about to create a new “Smart Bat” box with Marcel, electrician. During a dinner, Marcel meets Pierre’s wife, his childhood sweetheart… 30 years earlier…
Between turmoil and emotions, the show Marcel et Marie tackles with modesty the questions of commitment and fidelity. A play written and directed by Karine Dufaut, with Bernard Jadot, Fatah Boudia, Isabelle Loubat and Michèle Fayard.

To end this month of meetings in beauty, the MDE welcomes you from 6 pm for a closing party.

7 pm, the show “La Traversée” :

A play written by Jacques Chambon only for Tombouctou Héritage, based on Karine Dufaut original idea. Jacques Chambon, known for his role as Merlin in Kaamelott series, his many roles in theatre and his creations as an author, has written a touching play : the story of Anne, 60 years old, a volunteer in an association that helps street people, and Issa, 35 years old, who left his family behind to cross the sea and reach Europe. Both of them are going to tame each other, to recognize themselves in their humanity and their exile. And realize that the most uprooted of the two is not necessarily the last to arrive. With Brigitte Chambon-Jouffre in the role of Anne, and Amadou Keita, a member of Tombouctou Héritage from Mali, who lends his voice to Issa.

8 30 pm, Buridane Choir

The singer will perform her interpretation of the song Ni Ka li fa allah ma, written in aid of Timbuktu Heritage. Everyone will then be invited to share a drink. For those of you who were thrilled to meet Tombouctou Héritage, Thibault Musa, the team’s loyal webmaster, will welcome you to his photographic happening. This former soldier, specialist in institutional and creative communication, offers to shoot your portrait against a background of images taken in Mali. A way of fitting metaphorically into the landscape of Tombouctou Héritage, open to all those who wish to get involved in the action. Portraitists will be invited to leave their contacts to be part of an exhibition on the project’s website and facebook page, and eventually follow the progress of Tombouctou Héritage!

Finally, La Monstrueuse at Saint-Paul.

An unmissable restaurant in Lyon for the flavour of the offer cuisine and the atypical nature of the place, La Monstrueuse will host Frank G. Alonso’s exhibition in smaller formats, echoing the one presented at the students’ house.

We are expecting many of you for this special event, which is for us the opportunity to share our actions, our philosophy, but also to interact with a large audience. Looking forward to meeting you there!

Free admission and free participation in support of the Tombouctou Héritage project.

The money raised will go to the association. Many works remain to be financed in Mali, such as the rehabilitation of a dispensary and the construction of technical buildings for the grinding and bagging of Artemisia for the local population.
A fundraising is organized meanwhile to the event by Maud Lussan, an active team member . For more information, visit the Tombouctou Héritage facebook page or the website, where new information will be posted soon.

By Louise Reymond.

House of Artemisia Mali



As I prepare to take a field study trip to Mali with the first French team from Tombouctou Héritage, I meet Dr. Lucile Cornet-Vernet and I discover Artemisia.

She quickly tells me about the virtues of the plant that cures malaria and her struggle to spread it in all countries affected by this scourge. She hands me a bag of seeds, a small bag and she tells me: ” Here are seeds for Mali, be careful, there are several hectares in the bag … “.


I arrive in Bamako, I meet different potential partners for the establishment of an agro-ecological farm but also to be able to start the cultivation of Artemisia.

On my way I discover a dispensary in poor condition with a medical team of volunteers extremely motivated and present despite the few resources and who are required to manage “all situations” to use their words.

When I talk to them about Artemisia, they are excited to follow us in the project and offer us to make available the grounds of the dispensary for our plantations. In the mean time I meet Dr. Gamby, a valuable woman, entomologist by training, who heads the IRS (the Institute of Rural Studies) and who puts her knowledge and those of her team at our disposal.

The Banco dispensary is located in an area that serves 16 villages. The village chiefs also support our project.

It is this exceptional synergy that will be at the origin of the health-artemisia component of Tombouctou Héritage.



We leave our seeds to Dr. Gamby and his team to be put in nurseries

March 12, 2019

50 feet and 25 doses of curative herbal teas distributed by the IRS

Our Malian reference team led by Ibrahim Kone, with the support of Souleymane Kone and Amadou Keita, supervises the general coordination of the various actors, develops training follow-up with the IRS and raises an awareness of artemisia in the 16 villages served by the dispensary.

Twenty-five doses of curative herbal tea are distributed to populations in a very precise way and the testimonies of patients are collected after their recovery in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the product.

We also plant control plants at the Tombouctou Héritage headquarters.

May 25, 2019

500 feet of artemisia in full over 600m2

The dispensary must receive a number of facilities to ensure that the complete 500-foot batch of Artemisia that we wish to produce is installed.

With the support of Artemisia France, private donations and thanks to the two performances of the show ‘La traversée’, created in honor of the project by Karine Dufaut, we raise the necessary funds to rehabilitate two watering wells and to create a drinking water fountain. This funding also allows us to fence the fields properly and install shade.

June 12, 2019

Additional 900m2 plot made available by the dispensary

Given the success of the operation, the Banco Dispensary announces that it will provide us with an additional 900 square metres of land to build a processing unit from plant to curative herbal tea.

Meanwhile, on site, Ibrahim Kone created a maintenance committee for the artemisia plant. This ommittee brings together the Tombouctou Héritage team, the staff of the dispensary, and the villagers.
He has implemented training which explains the virtues of artemisia and enables the Tombouctou Héritage team to deliver this knowledge to the people of the 16 concerned villages.

The IRS has dispatched some members of their team to supervise the technical management of the plant, from compost to insect control using other plants.

June 27, 2019

Creation of a nursery "Artemisia and medicinal plants"

A nursery is created at the dispensary, it will contain Artemisia seeds but also other plants of traditional medicine because Dr. Gamby helps us to expand our Maison Artemisa to the cultivation of other medicinal plants in order to make it a true center of traditional medicine.

Today we first 50 feet are about to give seeds to continue the cultivation of Artemisia.
Massive training is planned by the IRS to support good Artemisia culture practices.
We are looking for funding to build the plant to transform the plant into a healing herbal tea.

See you soon for the rest and we hope many of you will help us on this project!

Thank you

I extend a big thank you to those who support the project. Thank you to those who have been there from the start and to others who have joined us.


Thank you to the financial donation that allow us to set up schemes : rehabilitate the wells, fence the 600m2 field that we need to grow Artemisia, to maintain our Banco’s medicinal garden, to be able to do the travel between different points. Here are their name : Kheira Benyoucef, Fatiha Bellakhdar, Karine Dufaut, Guillaume Moiton, Karyne Bour, Thibault Musa, Fatah Boudia, Hanane Bennani, Patrick Pibre, Sophie Harvey, Samuel Wornom, Solène Bresciani, Geoffrey Janier Dubry, Dorothée Arnaise, Juliette Jouniaux, Benjamin Béni, Diane de Jouvencel, Anne de Laval, Zina El Majdouba, Aylen O’Hagan, Christiane Reymond, Elsa Lenormand, Mireille Petit-Laurent, Juliette Tixier, Laurent Leflond, Georgy Batrikian, Maison Artemisia France.
Without their help, nothing could have been done.


Thank to IER, Rurales studies institute directed by Doctor Gamby and to his team that sprout artemisia we needed. Thanks for their constant support, their advice and their uptime. Thank you for this successful and hopeful collaboration.


Thanks to Banco Dispensary that believe in our project and made their land accessible. Thanks to the population of the 16 villages involved for trusting us, trying the Artemisia herbal tea and to follow us with enthusiasm after the patient positif comeback who heal.


Thanks to our Malian team full of ingenuity, motivation, ideas, always moving, learning, efficient : Ibrahim Kone, Souleymane Kone, Amadou Keita, Gaoussou Kone.


Thank you to Doctor Lucile Cornet Vernet for his faith, his simplicity and his courage. It is a fine example that we can concretely act for an action at the service of all.


Thanks to everyone who got involved in their own way and with their skills : Thibault Musa for the website, Guillaume Moiton for the videos, Jacques Chambon for the show script, Brigitte Chambon-Jouffre for the acting, Amadou Keita for the voice over, Véronique Billioud for the artwork, Samba for the music, Mikael Gorce for the light design.


An heartfelt thanks to Karine Dufaut who staging the show « La Traversée », undertake the project across the board, coordinate logistic and support with her faith and and her presence Tombouctou Heritage. Bravo!


Thanks to those who give us room : Béatrice Chevalier who open her house to welcome our meeting, Célina, Manon Michel, Carole Caruso, Olivier, Marc Sagnier, Maud Lussan, Hugues Ducat, Nathalie Lepingle, Gaël Tavernier, Chérif, Benjamin Lopez, Coco, Valérie, Véronique et Thierry Esmilaire who spread the project thru their network and provide us with advice and assistance in all areas.


Thanks to Constant Hamès, anthropology doctor, specialist in Muslim world, who welcome me and conveyed her inspirational knowledge for our project.


Thanks to Jérémie Hercberg who offered his wonderful restaurant, la Monstrueuse, in Saint Paul (8 rue Juiverie) for our meeting. Despite to offer the possibility to eat a delicious meal, this convoluted and friendly place is a cardinal point in Lyon !


Thanks to those who showcased us or who invited us to discover Tombouctou heritage in their project and organisation : Anne Prost, in her ABC night, François Tantôt who host the show « La Traversée » in his company Les Babilleurs, the 4th district town hall who offer a place to be, the 7th district town hall throughout the meeting with the 7elles, the room Jeannette Radis of Craponne theater, the Lyon culturals Malian day, Jacques Blancher who welcome us in his Grand Motte exhibit book, the Humanity dialogues in Parc de la Tête d’Or, the Rotaract, Cuzin high school in Cuire, Maison Artemisia, Abdoul Diallo, malian journalist….


Thanks to all who broadcast and relay the project through Facebook and who are still doing it!


Thanks to Buridane to consider with us a bright partnership…


Thanks to Burkina Faso, Senegal, and Mali, these three countries that have shaped my heart with their values. I discovered when I was living there that if people are always smiling it is not a gift but the result of a hard work, a heart domestication, prayer and self transcendence that we unfortunately most often forget.

Tombouctou Heritage is a thanks to all who see the world with their heart and take care of Life ; in that sense, Tombouctou Heritage, before being a project, is a tribute to gratitude and peace way of life.

We are expecting many of you for the project continuation and we will go on more than ever !