15 October 2019
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15 October 2019 Maguelone

A series of artistic events that will take place in the Student House of Métropole de Lyon between the november 29th and december 21st.

Simultaneously the light legacy values of the city of Timbuktu and a health and agro-ecology project focused on the cultivation of artemisia in mali, Tombouctou Héritage is straight and open mind approach that fulfills in real action. It’s also a varied and active community, that which to share its philosophy during this social event : Meeting Tombouctou Héritage

A series of artistic events that will take place in the Student House of Métropole de Lyon between the november 29th and december 21st. On the programm, the cuban photographer Frank G. Alonso, who created for this event a series of black and white team portrait, and other highlights such as shows, artistics workshop and meeting.

The exhibition will start on November 29 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. with a beautiful opening night.

The exhibition will start on november 29th from 6pm to 10pm with a great opening night. The team will start the evening with a speech, follow by the « Time To Be » viewing of Maguelone Gilbert-Vidal, offered by U-MAN.

This video podcast is about Maguelone, Tombouctou Héritage founder, it is a testimony under the projet U-MAN, a humanitarian media proposed by Pierre-Alain Gourion. This former lawyer, broadcast producer today, will lead after a citizen time of sharing.

Photo exhibit hosting by the photographer Frank G. Alonso.

The opportunity to discover Frank’s work, which alternates blur and light to create a true cinematographic expression of photography. Beyond the aesthetic dimension of this line worked in black and white, it is the human dimension that the photographer wanted to highlight for this exhibition : the portraits of the Tombouctou Héritage members reveal themselves in their simple humanity to means that everyone possesses within themselves the power to change the things around them.

November, 30th from 9 :30 am to 12 :30pm, Karine Dufaut will host a theatre workshop.

This actress and director has conquered the Lyon companies and theatres, such as La Goutte at Croix Rousse, the Théâtre Debout collective and the Compagnie du Vers Sot in Villeurbanne, not to mention the shows she has created and directed, including two for Tombouctou Héritage. A professional, with a lively personality, who will propose a discovery of the theatre and its tools to integrate a character, a situation. Amateurs and seasoned actors are welcome !

A screening of Malaria Business movie is schedule the same day at 7:30 pm

In order to understand the health and power issues around artemisia, a plant that cures malaria. Having long ago eradicated the disease in China, it could do the same in Africa today. However, it is in the hot seat of the pharmaceutical companies, with which they are in direct competition. In his documentary, Bernard Crutzen highlights the remarkable work of researchers from all over the world who are fighting for the recognition and spread of artemisia in areas where malaria is still decimating populations.

Presentation of the Maison de l’Artemisia work. Disseminated in many countries but thanks to the will of its founder, Lucile Cornet-Vernet and all who accompany her, the Maisons de l’Artemisia concretely help to eradicate malaria through the cultivation of Artemisia but also by relying on scientific research that it supports and promotes.

December 3rd, 10th and 17th from 6 :30pm to 8 pm, choir workshop leading by the artist Buridane.

We no longer introduce the singer Buridane in Lyon. The chiselled poetry with which she handles the verb like a crystal sword and the scenic power she shows, also touched the audience at the Off festival in Avignon and the Francofolies de La Rochelle this summer. She gave us the joy of creating a song in French and Bambara, one of Mali’s native languages, in honour of Tombouctou Héritage : Ni ka li fa allah ma. It is on this song, which can be beautifully translated “I lend you to God“, that the three singing workshops will be based, for a restitution on December 18th during the closing evening. Registration is open to all here below.

Caution, for this workshop, you have to be present at the three rehearsals and the final performance.

December 13th at 8:00 pm, performance of the show Marcel and Marie.

Pierre, architect, is about to create a new “Smart Bat” box with Marcel, electrician. During a dinner, Marcel meets Pierre’s wife, his childhood sweetheart… 30 years earlier…
Between turmoil and emotions, the show Marcel et Marie tackles with modesty the questions of commitment and fidelity. A play written and directed by Karine Dufaut, with Bernard Jadot, Fatah Boudia, Isabelle Loubat and Michèle Fayard.

To end this month of meetings in beauty, the MDE welcomes you from 6 pm for a closing party.

7 pm, the show “La Traversée” :

A play written by Jacques Chambon only for Tombouctou Héritage, based on Karine Dufaut original idea. Jacques Chambon, known for his role as Merlin in Kaamelott series, his many roles in theatre and his creations as an author, has written a touching play : the story of Anne, 60 years old, a volunteer in an association that helps street people, and Issa, 35 years old, who left his family behind to cross the sea and reach Europe. Both of them are going to tame each other, to recognize themselves in their humanity and their exile. And realize that the most uprooted of the two is not necessarily the last to arrive. With Brigitte Chambon-Jouffre in the role of Anne, and Amadou Keita, a member of Tombouctou Héritage from Mali, who lends his voice to Issa.

8 30 pm, Buridane Choir

The singer will perform her interpretation of the song Ni Ka li fa allah ma, written in aid of Timbuktu Heritage. Everyone will then be invited to share a drink. For those of you who were thrilled to meet Tombouctou Héritage, Thibault Musa, the team’s loyal webmaster, will welcome you to his photographic happening. This former soldier, specialist in institutional and creative communication, offers to shoot your portrait against a background of images taken in Mali. A way of fitting metaphorically into the landscape of Tombouctou Héritage, open to all those who wish to get involved in the action. Portraitists will be invited to leave their contacts to be part of an exhibition on the project’s website and facebook page, and eventually follow the progress of Tombouctou Héritage!

Finally, La Monstrueuse at Saint-Paul.

An unmissable restaurant in Lyon for the flavour of the offer cuisine and the atypical nature of the place, La Monstrueuse will host Frank G. Alonso’s exhibition in smaller formats, echoing the one presented at the students’ house.

We are expecting many of you for this special event, which is for us the opportunity to share our actions, our philosophy, but also to interact with a large audience. Looking forward to meeting you there!

Free admission and free participation in support of the Tombouctou Héritage project.

The money raised will go to the association. Many works remain to be financed in Mali, such as the rehabilitation of a dispensary and the construction of technical buildings for the grinding and bagging of Artemisia for the local population.
A fundraising is organized meanwhile to the event by Maud Lussan, an active team member . For more information, visit the Tombouctou Héritage facebook page or the website, where new information will be posted soon.

By Louise Reymond.