Maison Artemisia Mali

In December 2018 I meet Lucile Cornet-Vernet, founder of Maison Artemisia France. She gives me a bag containing several hectares of artemisia seeds that I take to Mali.

I discover, through various research, the properties of Artemisia which is already used effectively in many countries to cure malaria.
Indeed, the plant’s healing rate is of 98%.

The film Malaria Business in which Dr. Jérôme Munyangi describes his research brings together other work on the subject. China and Vietnam have already eradicated malaria with Artemisia.

In January 2019 during our trip to Mali with the Timbuktu heritage team, we lay the foundations for a strong partnership with the IES  (Institute of Rural Studies) through Dr. Gamby’s team. We also seal a partnership with Banco dispensary, which serves 16 villages. Malaria in Mali is still a very serious and even fatal disease

In March 2019, Banco dispensary provides us with several fields to plant a field of Artemisia under the technical supervision of the IRS team, 50 feet are installed. We also distribute 25 doses of curative herbal tea.

Given the success of the operation, in May 2019, our Artemisia field covers an area of 600 m2 with a total of 500 pieds. With the funds raised, some wells are rehabilitated, a drinking water fountain is created, the fences and maintenance of the plants are set up.

On June 12, 2019, an additional 900 m² of land is allocated to us by the dispensary for the construction of the plant’s herbal tea processing unit

On August 27, 2019, we harvest 37 of our feet and get 95 kilos of fresh plant. We still have more than 400 feet to harvest.

At the same time, we are launching a new fundraising campaign to build the plant’s herbal tea processing unit. Each person who participates from 30 to 50 euros sees his name at the foot of an Artemisia plant and allows the concrete enhancement of our field.

On August 27, 2019, we harvest 37 of our feet and get 95 kilos of fresh plant. We still have more than 400 feet to harvest.

Thanks to the financial participation of several donors via our helloasso platform, participation in the shows La Traversée and financial support from the Maison Artemisia France, we were able to renovate two watering wells, fence our fields and create a drinking water fountain and a laundry area.

We will be needing technical buildings to perform grinding and bagging in good conditions. We will set up crowdfunding for the rest of the project.