9 July 2019
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9 July 2019 Maguelone

Creation of House of Artemisia Mali and the traditional medicine center of Banco



As I prepare to take a field study trip to Mali with the first French team from Tombouctou Héritage, I meet Dr. Lucile Cornet-Vernet and I discover Artemisia.

She quickly tells me about the virtues of the plant that cures malaria and her struggle to spread it in all countries affected by this scourge. She hands me a bag of seeds, a small bag and she tells me: ” Here are seeds for Mali, be careful, there are several hectares in the bag … “.


I arrive in Bamako, I meet different potential partners for the establishment of an agro-ecological farm but also to be able to start the cultivation of Artemisia.

On my way I discover a dispensary in poor condition with a medical team of volunteers extremely motivated and present despite the few resources and who are required to manage “all situations” to use their words.

When I talk to them about Artemisia, they are excited to follow us in the project and offer us to make available the grounds of the dispensary for our plantations. In the mean time I meet Dr. Gamby, a valuable woman, entomologist by training, who heads the IRS (the Institute of Rural Studies) and who puts her knowledge and those of her team at our disposal.

The Banco dispensary is located in an area that serves 16 villages. The village chiefs also support our project.

It is this exceptional synergy that will be at the origin of the health-artemisia component of Tombouctou Héritage.



We leave our seeds to Dr. Gamby and his team to be put in nurseries

March 12, 2019

50 feet and 25 doses of curative herbal teas distributed by the IRS

Our Malian reference team led by Ibrahim Kone, with the support of Souleymane Kone and Amadou Keita, supervises the general coordination of the various actors, develops training follow-up with the IRS and raises an awareness of artemisia in the 16 villages served by the dispensary.

Twenty-five doses of curative herbal tea are distributed to populations in a very precise way and the testimonies of patients are collected after their recovery in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the product.

We also plant control plants at the Tombouctou Héritage headquarters.

May 25, 2019

500 feet of artemisia in full over 600m2

The dispensary must receive a number of facilities to ensure that the complete 500-foot batch of Artemisia that we wish to produce is installed.

With the support of Artemisia France, private donations and thanks to the two performances of the show ‘La traversée’, created in honor of the project by Karine Dufaut, we raise the necessary funds to rehabilitate two watering wells and to create a drinking water fountain. This funding also allows us to fence the fields properly and install shade.

June 12, 2019

Additional 900m2 plot made available by the dispensary

Given the success of the operation, the Banco Dispensary announces that it will provide us with an additional 900 square metres of land to build a processing unit from plant to curative herbal tea.

Meanwhile, on site, Ibrahim Kone created a maintenance committee for the artemisia plant. This ommittee brings together the Tombouctou Héritage team, the staff of the dispensary, and the villagers.
He has implemented training which explains the virtues of artemisia and enables the Tombouctou Héritage team to deliver this knowledge to the people of the 16 concerned villages.

The IRS has dispatched some members of their team to supervise the technical management of the plant, from compost to insect control using other plants.

June 27, 2019

Creation of a nursery "Artemisia and medicinal plants"

A nursery is created at the dispensary, it will contain Artemisia seeds but also other plants of traditional medicine because Dr. Gamby helps us to expand our Maison Artemisa to the cultivation of other medicinal plants in order to make it a true center of traditional medicine.

Today we first 50 feet are about to give seeds to continue the cultivation of Artemisia.
Massive training is planned by the IRS to support good Artemisia culture practices.
We are looking for funding to build the plant to transform the plant into a healing herbal tea.

See you soon for the rest and we hope many of you will help us on this project!