The Project

Maguelone – Founder.

Tombouctou Heritage is a project I launched after selling off my café, l’Antre-Autre.

After completing a first successful project including building renovation, educational and health care support in Burkina Faso at the age of 18, and a year of study at the university of Dakar, I created l’Antre-Autre in Lyon as a cultural venue and a space for social and cultural exchanges.

Ten years later, thanks to the funds raised through the sale of l’Antre-Autre, I have built the Tombouctou Héritage house and a medicinal and recreational herb garden next to it.

Why Mali?

Because Mali is very close to my heart.

It is impacted by economic migrations and yet much remains to be done there on the ground.

The sense of peace found in local society is rooted in the persistence and daily practice of traditional values that are now lost in many countries and that are dear to me: respect of elders, observing tradition knowledge transmission, decency, family and dignity.

Tombouctou Héritage owns its name to the city of light of Mali, Timbuktu, the capital city of medicine, humanities and social sciences, partially destroyed by the djihadists in 2012.

Timbuktu bears witness to a world where religion focuses on making daily life sacred by caring for all that lives.

The Tombouctou Héritage House

13 km away from Bamako, within the district of Sanankoroba, in the village of Banco, stands the Tombouctou Héritage house.

Collaborative team design and association with Ibrahim Kone, who drew on longstanding experience as a head of his own organization to monitor our work in Mali fast-tracked the completion of work on site.

The initial site layout included a borehole drilled outside to provide access to water supply, five hosting rooms for the teams, and two common rooms, one for meetings and meals, and the other for spiritual practice and team building. The low costs associated with energy supply through a site water well for water and solar panels for electricity pressed the maintenance costs down.

The project focuses on setting up an agroecological farm, rehabilitating the district clinic – including cultivating Artemisia, which efficiently cures Malaria – and organizing training sessions to build the necessary skills for our missions.

Tombouctou Héritage relies on the full-time work of a team of three people, whose wages are currently taken care of by supportive citizens in France until our Artemisia crop harvests yield a sustainable source of income. The team includes the Malian project manager, his technical assistant, and the security guard who watches over the medicinal herb garden and the organization’s headquarters. More workers are sometimes hired on an occasional basis, depending on the ongoing projects’ requirements.



Mali Project Manager

National and international experience in project coordination.



Logistical assistant

Specialist in medicinal plants and handicrafts of all kinds.



Headquarter Guardian

Security of the Tombouctou Héritage premises and maintenance of the medicinal garden.

The Banco district clinic and the Artemisia fields are well-connected to a region of 16 villages that accounts for 25000 inhabitants. Following a training session provided by our team in January 2020, 18 local producers are now working on growing their own Artemisia field.

We are now aiming at financing a centre for traditional medicine, with rooms for grinding and bagging, so that the Artemisia plant harvest can be processed and packaged into herbal tea bags. Setting up an agricultural cooperative with the local farmers growing Artemisia would enhance their livelihood and provide a healing solution against malaria to the local population at a very low cost.

Above the Artemisia training of January 2020 in front of the headquarters of Tombouctou Héritage.

First harvest of Artemisia from Banco with the dispensary team and the team of Doctor Gamby (in pink).

The Rural Studies Institute (RSI) of Mali, that we are working with closely through Dr Gamby and his team who monitor our culture of Artemesia, are providing valuable support to us in developing our missions.

Thanks to their technical support on our field and in our trainings, our production of Artemisia soon took off and has become fully effective. The many actions started locally by Dr Gamby, such as providing units of healing Artemisia tea in our region of intervention have let us work in close cooperation with the local populations.

Today, our healthcare project is very well developed. We are now seeking additional financial support to complete the construction of the traditional medicine centre as well as to launch the agroecological farm, as Tombouctou Héritage is rooted in the belief that health is one, and that a good living hygiene coupled with healthy and nutritious food are key in human well-being and development.