Our Tombouctou Héritage health project is committed to working with both allopathic medicine and traditional herbal medicine (see Maison Artemisia Mali). Based in the Banco dispensary 13km from Bamako, it serves 16 villages comprising around 25,000 people. Making it fully operational in these two areas is our ambition.


It was not possible to work on this project without considering dedicating some effort to providing healthcare.

Also, various health service providers in France told us that they observed so many health supplies that were left unused and/or thrown out.

In the initial project, we actually envisioned building our own health center. After doing some research, we discovered that a health center near the headquarters of Tombouctou Héritage was falling into ruin. Yet even with a lack of equipment and supplies, every day a team of volunteer nurses treated the inhabitants of the entire region.

After visiting each building of the dispensary, including the maternity ward, the consultation rooms, and the sanitary facilities, we decided that rather than build a brand new health center, it was better to renovate this dilapidated health center.

In order to do this, first we had to convince the inhabitants and the local powers-that-be of the merits of our project. Secondly we had to evaluate the needs of the population and also make estimates of the renovation work needed. For this, our project manager, Ibrahim Koné, organized a meeting with the village elders, all those working in health care, including the volunteer nurses and the inhabitants of the surrounding neighborhood.

We also proposed to resume cultivation of the garden of the dispensary, in particular to grow medicinal plants for the treatment of various diseases. It was on this occasion that we were able to speak with the local inhabitants about Artemisia.