Companies and skills in renewable energy and building: We need additional knowledge, especially in everything related to the building window frames, closures, wood protection…

Moreover, the places where we operate are not connected to electricity and require to operate renewable energy facilities, tips for preserving food…


Timbuktu Heritage requires the contribution of volunteers in the communications. Various cultural events are organized throughout the year to give visibility to the project.

Fundraising is also needed as well as collecting various items to send on site.

If the geopolitical situation stabilizes in Mali different construction camps are also planned to rehabilitate the Banco dispensary and take advantage of the energy consumption of all the buildings. A dozen volunteers will be sent to the site at specified times.


Funding for land purchase, drilling, fencing, seeds…
The continuation of the project, including the agroecological farm component, requires crowdfunding and collective funding. It will first allow the establishment of a traditional medicine center and then to buy a 3-hectare plot of land to allow agroforestry cultivation.

Moreover, Timbuktu Heritage is eligible for the Coluche law and therefore allows substantial tax deductions for those who decide to follow us.


Why Mali?

Tombouctou héritage is a sharing of good practices around deep values: peace, decorum, family. It is a crossing between two continents that are looking for each other, hence the name of the show staged by Karine Dufaut as part of the project.

On the one hand, a country, symbol of material success but in search of social peace and meaning, on the other, a country held by its deep moral values ​​which unite society but attracted by a mode of consumption which exceeds it.

For having implemented a similar project for years in Burkina Faso, I deeply believe in this meeting. I believe that it is the bearer of the future, of hope and that it is beneficial for all those who simply participate.