Artemisia and Coronavirus

20 March 2020
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20 March 2020 Maguelone

Artemisia and Coronavirus.

Since the recent announcement of chloroquine trials to treat the coronavirus by Professor Raoult, the Maison Artemisia and ourselves have received many questions about the effects of artemisia on the coronavirus.

Here is the statement of the Maison Artemisia France, Lucile Cornet-Vernet, on
the subject with an article and a video in support :

“After publishing a argument for medicinal plants in Nature un plaidoyer pour les plantes médicinales (link to article) that helped
fight Covid-19, Chinese doctors share their documented experience with American
experts at a conference (video under).
And in these plants there is… artemisia annua !”

Lucile Cornet-Vernet.

Chinese expert shares TCM prescriptions :

RWANDA towards the launch of clinical trials:

Today Artemisia annua is found in many countries and if its effect on the coronavirus proves to be conclusive, it will make it possible to best accompany a large-scale sanitary crisis where health care systems are the most precarious.

More information on the page dedicated to the Maison de l’Artemisia Mali in our health section:

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